Are You Ready to Discover Your Soul's Work?

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  • Do you have a STRONG feeling you’re here on this earth to contribute something valuable, only you have no clue what it is?
  • Do you have a heart for service, the passion of a visionary, and a desire to do something meaningful?
  • Are you tired of your soul-sucking job and dying to find not just another job, but your true calling?
  • Are you just plain bored to tears… feeling lost… out at sea? Not miserable, but not vibrant and in love with life either.
  • Have you been dabbling in various career options, only to wind up more confused than ever?
  • Would you give anything if only your fairy godmother would just tell you exactly what the Universe is calling you to do?

Well… we have good news for you.

No, there will be no fairy godmothers involved, but we promise there will be rhinos, North Stars, compasses, Inner Pilot Lights, butterflies, and magic beyond your wildest imaginings.



 Awaken Your Life Purpose, Clarify Your Vision, & Do Your Soul’s Work 

It’s Time for YOU to Step Into Your Life Purpose. You Are Worth It.

It is NORMAL to have it take years to find your calling. You may get inklings of what you’re here on this earth to do when you’re young, but chances are good that if you were lucky enough to find your calling in your youth, some well-meaning relative, schoolteacher, or guidance counselor tried to knock some sense into you and steer you towards more practical pursuits (oh those nay sayers!)

You may have been strong enough to resist pressures that tried to put you into a box that didn’t fit. You may have even thought, at one point in your life, that you had found your true calling – by practicing medicine or law, teaching elementary school, or saving lives as a cop, firefighter, or paramedic.

But then you realized that the systems in your profession are so broken, and the pressures to conform are so great, that the sacrifices required of you sucked the life force right out of you. And you wound up cross-eyed, depleted, and second guessing what you’re really here on this earth to do. 

Not sure whether you’ve found your calling or not? 

14 Signs You Have NOT Found Your Calling

  1. You aren’t sure you remember how to play, and you’re damn sure play is no way to make a living.
  2. You dream about being of service, making a difference, and doing something you love, but you have no clue what that could be.
  3. You feel a chronic sense of wistful longing, as if something is missing but you can’t quite put your finger on it.
  4. You feel anxious or blue, even though you’re not quite sure why.
  5. You avoid quiet time for reflection ’cause too much stuff bubbles up… maybe you even put the TV or radio on the minute silence shows up.
  6. You groan when the alarm clock goes off in the morning, even after 8 hours of sleep.
  7. Everything feels hard, and nothing seems to flow.
  8. When people ask you what you love, you shrug your shoulders.
  9. You find yourself asking questions like, “Is this all there is?”
  10. Even if you know what you love, you make excuses for why you could never do what you love professionally.
  11. You seek happiness in superficial things, such as material possessions, flatter abs, or a cleaner closet.
  12. You dread talking about your work.
  13. You’re not putting your heart into your work and keep getting passed over for promotions.
  14. You count the days until Friday and the months until your next vacation.

Does this sound like you? Don’t despair, darlings! We’ve been there, done that, and felt that same “Ugh.” We know all too well about how it feels to be OFF purpose. But more on that in a minute.

Pssssst… Here’s the fabulous news; your calling never stops searching for you. In fact, it’s been searching for you your whole life. 

As a child, when someone asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up, you probably jumped up and down with both arms raised and squealed, “A ballerina!” or “A train conductor!” or “An artist!” or “President.” Maybe you knew at a young age that you wanted to be a film star, a musician, a doctor or veterinarian, a lawyer defending kids in juvenile hall, or a politician who would save the world. 

Then life happened.

Maybe you followed your dream and things didn’t work out. Maybe you pursued your passion only to discover you weren’t so passionate about it. Or perhaps you, like so many of us, ultimately caved into the pressure to do something out of alignment with your soul’s joy. After all, at some point, it’s time to be a grown up. After all, there are mouths to feed, bills to pay, debt to get out of, and kids to put through college.  You can’t just spend your life prancing around flower fields, grasping at pipe dreams that are completely out of reach, right?

So you settled on something close enough, even if it wasn’t exactly your heart’s passion. 

It paid the bills – well enough, at least. Maybe you even wound up with a big, sparkly pair of golden handcuffs which, coupled with big debt and big expenses, leaves you feeling like finding your calling is a luxury other people might be lucky enough to pursue – but not you. You’ve gotta keep your head screwed on straight. Others are counting on you. Someone’s gotta be the practical one. 

But even so, a little voice inside you keeps whispering, “There’s more for you out there.”

You try to talk yourself out of it. You should just be grateful for what you already have, right? After all, there are starving people in Africa. In this economy, if you have a job – even a soul-sucking one – you’re darned lucky, right? You should just suck it up, count your blessings and silence the crazy ideas that keep noodling around in the back recesses of your mind during dark, lonely nights when the voice of your soul just won’t shut up.

Or should you?

What if you – like Lissa’s father, woke up one day and found out you only had three months left to live? Would you be living life the way you are now? Don’t you yearn to leave this life with your gifts fully realized, your passion fully expressed, your mark left on the world? Wouldn’t you love to live each day as if it could be your last – with zero regrets?

Don’t leave this planet with your song unsung. 

Imagine waking up in the morning knowing that you are living your purpose. 

Won’t that feel DIVINE? 

This is all possible for you. We know, not only because we’ve seen crazy ideas transform into beautiful realities with thousands of clients. But we also know because we’ve lived it ourselves.

 Our Big Meltdowns 

Martha’s Story

The poet Stanley Kunitz once wrote, “How shall my heart be reconciled to its feast of losses?” If it doesn’t make your gaze go soft for a moment as you reflect upon the feast of losses you’ve faced – either presently or in the past – you’re either very young, bizarrely lucky, or abusing horse tranquilizers.  Probably all three.  There is no such thing as a human heart without its feast of losses.  This is more true than ever today, as the world changes so rapidly, and so much is falling apart.

I’m not young, my luck is variable, and I can’t get anyone to give me horse tranquilizers. Which is to say that my heart has feasted often on loss.  I felt lost as a child growing up in a family full of unspoken pain.  I felt lost as I tried to ease the ache at my center with hyper-achievement, going off to Harvard at 17 and staying for three degrees.

And then I really got lost.

If you’ve read my two memoirs, Expecting Adam and Leaving the Saints, you may know how I lost my identity as an intellectual when my second child, Adam, was prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome, and I (against the advice of the entire Harvard community) decided to keep him.  Not only had I lost the “normal” child I expected, but my life’s foundational belief that being smart and working hard was what gave me value.  Here was a child, flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone, who’d never go to Harvard.  What gave him value?  Not anything I’d valued up to then.

For a while I also thought I’d lost my mind, because my son came with a lot of experiences that made no sense inside the rational, material, scientific worldview where I’d carved a safe little niche for my brain.  Adam is a strange critter, surrounded by magic, like the wardrobe in the Narnia books that sometimes is just a wardrobe, sometimes a passageway to another world. Exploring that world, which I guess we’d call spiritual, meant losing my usual sense of reality.

I ran from Harvard back to Utah, where I grew up, and where I knew my choice to keep Adam would be regarded not as idiocy but as heroism.  (Hah.  As if.)  Where better to become a spiritual seeker than in my childhood religion, surrounded by deeply religious people?

Um, as it turned out, almost anywhere.

My search for the deepest truth of my own life led me to actively question and ultimately leave my childhood religion – and leaving Mormonism is the worst thing a Mormon can do.  My feast of losses soon included my family of origin, my childhood friends, my job (I’d been working at Brigham Young University while finishing my Harvard doctorate) and my home.

What I’ve learned from all this, and the thousand other small losses that have constituted my life since (just like yours) is that to live happily we must die easily, and to be given everything, we must give everything up.  Does that sound depressing?  It isn’t.  It’s just the caterpillar surrendering to the butterfly its true self always intended to become.  Your losses, too, are meant to give your life more freedom, color, and beauty than you can presently imagine.  With this telecourse, Lissa, Amy and I hope to make your metamorphosis easier and shorter.  Which will not be saying much, but still.

Unlike caterpillars, humans can go through many metamorphoses in one lifetime.  And I have found that simply trying to reconcile our hearts to their feasts of losses paradoxically – almost as a byproduct – can yield love, happiness, success, abundance.  “The time will come,” as Derek Walcott wrote in Love After Love, “when, with elation/ you will greet yourself arriving/ at your own door…/and each will smile at the other’s welcome,/ and say, sit here.  Eat./…Feast on your life.”  Yes, life is complex and full of letting go.  And it is meant to teach you how to fly. And to mix metaphors.

Seriously, please join us!

Lissa’s Story

My story bears many resemblances to Martha’s, minus the Down’s baby and the death-threatening Mormons. I also thought I found my calling young. I raised and released dozens of injured and abandoned squirrels until I was old enough to attend medical school and hone my healing arts on people.

My medical education was extremely traumatizing for me. But I endured the trauma because the calling to serve my fellow human beings in their times of suffering was strong. Although my body and two marriages broke down as a result of the strain of medical school and residency, I soldiered on, because – hell, that’s what good doctors do, right?

By the time I was 33, I was twice divorced and taking seven medications every day, but that didn’t stop me from seeing 40 patients/day and selling out my integrity in a health care system that bore little resemblance to the healing arts I dreamed of practicing when I was a young child. I yearned to love and serve in times of pain and suffering, so I could comfort and inspire people to muster the courage they would need in order to heal themselves. Only I couldn’t find a way to fit my calling into a rigid, broken healthcare system that left little room for the kind of healing work my soul longed to do.

At this point in my career, I had all the trappings of “success” – the house in San Diego with the white water view, the vacation home, the trips to Hawaii, and the big fat retirement account so I could quit my job and be happy… one day.  I might have stayed like that – comfortably numb, spiritually bankrupt, and financially secure – had it not been for what I came to call my “Perfect Storm.”

In January of 2006, I gave birth to my daughter by C-section, my healthy 33 year old brother wound up in full blown liver failure as a rare side effect of a common antibiotic, my 16 year old dog died, and my beloved father died of a brain tumor – all within two weeks. To say that all hell broke loose in my life would be a massive understatement.

My Perfect Storm was my own version of Martha’s big crack up, and it shook me out of my complacency and plunged me into the tempest of uncertainty, in which everything I held as dear and true fell apart. Old beliefs began to dissolve but nothing rushed in to take their place. I felt like I was floating, weightless, ungrounded – desperately, seemingly hopelessly lost.

I wound up leaving my secure job as a full time partner in a busy OB/GYN practice, which required paying a $120,000 “malpractice tail” in order to buy my freedom. My husband, who planned to be an unemployed stay-home dad, brought in no income to help ease the financial burden that fell on my shoulders. I had a new family to provide for, two mortgages to pay, and suddenly, no job and no clue what I was supposed to do if the job I had thought was my calling was no longer aligned with my soul.

Then the dreaming and scheming and re-forming began. I started getting glimpses of a new calling, but it would only come in flashes, in undefined, fuzzy form. I knew I wanted to continue my healing work – but in some altogether new fashion. I missed my patients – not the long hours or the rushed office visits, but the privilege of being invited into the deep recesses of their lives. Pondering how I could keep the parts of being a doctor that I loved while ditching what sucked out my soul led me to realize that I wanted to help people learn to be brave enough to live unapologetically, in alignment with the truth of who they really are. After healing myself from a variety of health conditions after quitting my job, I had a sneaking suspicion that if I could help people do this, their bodies would heal as a side effect.

Like Martha, I never could have anticipated what happened next in my professional life. Blogging, book deals, public speaking, a mentoring program, and an online entrepreneurial business creating programs like this one – who’da thunk?  I couldn’t have written a business plan for the calling that continues to emerge, like an onion, as I peel back the layers and become increasingly clear on what I’m here on this earth to do.

While the process hasn’t been easy, it has been the most rewarding, magical, enlightening, connecting journey I’ve ever experienced. In retrospect, I can honestly say that my Perfect Storm, as gut-wrenching as it was – was the best thing that ever happened to me. And if you’re in the midst of a Perfect Storm all your own, this course can help you alchemize trauma and loss into an opportunity to discover your purpose.

Amy’s Story 

I knew from an early age that I was in tune with how others felt. I remember being on the playground sticking up for the misfits, having heart to hearts with friends in crisis in the hallways of Jr. high and spending endless hours on the phone talking about the meaning of life… at 14.

When I discovered the field of Life Coaching and went to my first training weekend back in 2000 I had a light bulb “I found my calling” moment. It was as if I finally had a name for what I’d been doing my entire life for friends, colleagues, even strangers in the checkout line. So I took a leap of faith and began working to create livelihood from coaching.

I formed an amazing business partnership with a fellow coach and dear friend and over the course of seven years we ended up working inside corporations helping them achieve goals and keep their people happy. But I started to grow weary of being in florescent lit conference rooms with people who didn’t want to be there. And I wanted to start a family and work with people that really craved coaching.

And then the major wake-up call moment happened… my big meltdown. My beloved husband, Rob, had been adopted at birth, but was later sought out by his birth mom in his twenties. From the moment they were reunited, a deep and profound soul connection emerged. I remember being so nervous to meet her, knowing that I needed her stamp of approval big time if I was going to be with Rob. When I did meet her, it felt like I was also reunited with a soulmate and long time best friend. Rob’s birth mom was our go-to coach, spiritual mentor and wise woman.

Unfortunately she also suffered from chronic pain and after a number of botched spinal surgeries, she felt trapped in her own body. Depression ensued and we did everything we could to support her.

And then, on August 29, 2005, the exact same day that Hurricane Katrina destroyed so many lives, Rob’s birth mom committed suicide. She jumped off a bridge in Seattle, finally ending her years of pain and suffering, leaving a hurricane of grief for us to swirl in. And then just six months later, Rob’s adoptive mom was diagnosed with cancer. She passed away peacefully at home with us by her side three weeks after the diagnosis.

Rob and I were left in shell shock. And I felt a stirring in my soul that I must make a change. That life was too short to not do what I love. And two of the biggest callings in my life surfaced loud and clear: “It’s time to be a mom.” and ““You must tell the TRUTH about how hard we are on ourselves and what it costs us.” Within two months I was pregnant and we moved from Los Angeles up to my hometown in the San Francisco Bay Area, my business partnership ended, and I took a stand to only work with people who wanted coaching.  I began dreaming and scheming of touching tens of thousands of lives, of operating a wildly successful business from home and so much more. So I launched my company, Wake-Up Call Coaching, got a book deal, and am now here partnering with two amazing women for a course about one of the things nearest and dearest to my heart: helping others find their calling.

There is a Method to the Madness 

Martha teaches about how we endure change with a four phase model she calls “the change cycle” and just understanding where you are at in the cycle can allow you to BREATHE and FIND PEACE. We will teach this extensively in the class, but check this out to see if you can relate:

Where Are You In The Change Cycle? 

If you feel like you’re trying to find your calling, chances are good that you’re in Meltdown or Reformation, though questioning your life purpose may come up in any phase. Maybe you haven’t even entered the change cycle yet. Maybe you haven’t had a big meltdown (and frankly, you really don’t want one!), but you’re dreaming about taking a leap of faith – maybe quitting a job you don’t love, even though you have no clue what would light you up. Or maybe you already had your meltdown (or created one by taking a crazy leap), and now you find yourself in the Emerging phase, pursuing a passion you thought was your calling, only it’s really not working out. Maybe you even made it to Full Flight, like Martha did at Harvard or Lissa did in her medical job or Amy did with her first coaching business. Only the promised land turned out to be not all it promised to be. Wherever you are, we suspect that you’re ready to take steps to the next level of your highest calling.

Wherever you are in the change cycle, this program aims to not only help you make peace with the process, but to give you practical tools to help you move to the next phase and get closer to not only finding your calling, but bringing your vision to life. 

 It’s time to emerge as that beautiful butterfly, baby! 

All three of us wish we’d had access to a program like this one back when we were in the midst of our meltdowns, when we were feeling lost, crazy, and directionless in the aftermath, when we thought we were crazy for having big dreams and schemes, when things weren’t going so well, and when we realized we had to leave those stable jobs and business partnerships, only to start all over again. Had we known then what we know now, we would have felt much less anxiety as we navigated the journey. We might even have hastened the process, saving ourselves many sleepless nights, and wasting a lot less money!

Our desire to be of service to help people, just like you, find and fulfill their callings inspired us to put our noodles together to share with you not only what we’ve learned along the way personally, but also what we’ve learned from helping thousands of clients. 

Martha has shared some of her experience and wisdom in her bestselling books like Finding Your Own North Star and Finding Your Way In A Wild New World. But never has she collaborated with two other coaches to crystallize her teaching into a practical step-by-step program that provides you not only with tools for making peace with wherever you are in the process, but also tools meant to leapfrog you forward into clarity of your purpose in community with other like-minded visionaries, in search of their purpose.

What You’ll Learn In This Program:

  • The one sign that you’re healing from the big meltdown and are getting ready to dream, scheme and reform.
  • The certain proof that dreaming and scheming and emerging is over and it’s time to embark upon your Hero’s Journey and fly!
  • The one thing you must do if you feel completely out of touch even with what lights you up, much less what you’re supposed to do with the rest of your life.
  • The simple exercise that will put you back in touch with the juiciness of your desires.
  • How to stop feeling paralyzed and transform into feeling inspired!
  • How to find the intersection between your zone of genius, your zone of pleasure, and what people will pay you for.
  • One exercise designed to help you build a life that resembles those you most admire.
  • How do determine how much authenticity is right on the money and how much is just TMI.
  • Why fear is normal – and how to keep it from ruling your life.
  • One daily practice scientifically proven to calm your nervous system and reduce fear.
  • A 3 step process you can use anytime to shut off the voice of your Inner Critic and turn on the voice of your Inner Wisdom!
  • An exercise intended to leave you with a clear vision of how your perfect life might look and feel.
  • 3 certain signs you’ve found the right calling.
  • One thing we DARE you to do once you think you’ve found your calling (trust us, it’ll make the next phase of your journey 1000 times easier!) 

You will:

  • Get in touch with what you love, what lights you up, and how you might turn your passion into a vocation
  • Transform from feeling clueless to clued-in regarding why you’re here on this earth and what unique gifts you’re meant to contribute
  • Figure out where you are in the Change Cycle so you can start experiencing less anxiety and more inner peace right here, right now
  • Dissolve old self-sabotaging beliefs, grieve what you might be losing, and welcome in your new life with open arms
  • Understand how to use your body as a compass to help you track your purpose like you’re tracking rhinos (yes, we mean it!)
  • Manage fear and self-doubt in a healthy way so they don’t keep you from finding and fulfilling your calling
  • Identify and dissolve limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors so you can get out of your own way and let the world fully experience the luminosity of your genius
  • Understand how authenticity and vulnerability are MISSION CRITICAL when it comes to finding and fulfilling your calling
  • Cultivate courage and help your mind and body relax as you face obstacles, battle fears, slay dragons, and make it to the promised land
  • Make the right decision about when to take a leap of faith and when to wait
  • Learn tools for manifesting miracles that will knock your socks off
  • Know the signs that you’ve DEFINITELY found your calling, so you can stop worrying and start making your dream happen

Complete this program feeling so jazzed about where you are and where you’re going that you can hardly contain your enthusiasm

Are you ready to fly? Over the course of 7 weeks you’ll discover: 

Module 1: The Visionary Change Cycle & Your Inner Mission

Seeking your calling can be a nerve-wracking, anxiety-provoking, crazy-making process. But while finding and fulfilling your calling may seem chaotic and random, it’s not. It’s a well-documented, predictable process all visionaries experience.

In Module One you will:

  • Discover, in detail, Martha’s amazing Change Cycle and gain insight into where you are in your process.
  • Feel reassured about your process, bringing you peace, reducing anxiety and getting you closer to your calling
  • Learn how to move forward to the next step with clarity, purpose, and joy.

Module 2: Tracking Your Life’s Purpose: The Internal Journal

When you’re trying to find your calling, you may feel completely out of touch with what you love, what lights you up, what’s in your zone of genius, and how these can intersect to create a career.

In module 2 you will:

  • Discover the “hot tracks” of your desires and passions… get ready to feel lit up from the inside out.
  • Remember what your natural gifts and zones of genius are.
  • Learn the single most valuable tool you’ll ever use when it comes to finding your calling – and bringing it to life.
  • Manifest real, live miracles!

Module 3: Dealing With Fear & Self-Sabotage (Cultivate Faith, Courage & Calm)

After Modules 1 and 2, you will be on the path, remembering who you are and what makes you come alive. You’ll be anxious and ready to get out of that cocoon and fly, but callings take the time they take. When you’re about to emerge and break free from your cocoon into a whole new life, fear has a tendency to show up with a vengeance. Self-sabotaging inner voices spout Big Fat Lies like “But I can’t do that!” or “How will I ever pay the bills?” or “What will everybody think?” If you’re not prepared to face up to these fears, the critical inner voices can be loud enough to make a visionary on a mission run back to a safe, secure cubicle in a soul-sucking job.

In module 3 you will:

  • Get filled to the brim with courage-inducing techniques to help you combat the Inner Critic voices.
  • Discover tools for overcoming fear, avoiding the limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors that can make you get in your own way.
  • Cultivate faith, community and support for your vision.
  • Face your calling with courage and watch the mystical, miraculous, in-the-flow synchronicities begin to happen… suddenly, you’re well on your way to creating a life you adore!

Module 4: Your North Star: Moving From Desire To Intention

By Module 4, you’ll have a clear sense of what you’re here on this planet to do, you may even be ready to spread your wings. You’ll claim your North Star that will guide you, even on the foggiest of nights. And now it is time to move into action. Even the smallest baby step or “turtle step” will feel miraculous because you are saying to The Universe “YES! I believe in me and my calling!”  Here’s the hard truth, once you’re clear on your calling, you’re not off the hook yet!  Finding your calling isn’t enough. To bring a vision to life, you have to take definitive action.

In module 4 you will:

  • Anchor in your passions and purpose and declare your North Star.
  • Use the Three N’s (notice, narrow and name) so you can begin to fly.
  • Learn how to take the first step towards stepping into your calling and making the world a better place with the work it’s your destiny to contribute.
  • Discover  what “conitive style” operates you – how you personally take action – and how to use your individual conitive style to its greatest advantage.
  • Demystify when it’s time to take a leap of faith – and when it’s time to wait.
  • Claim clarity, direction, purpose, and a plan. And the world will be a better place because you do!

What People Are Saying About Martha, Lissa & Amy:

“Martha is one of the smartest women I know.”
Oprah Winfrey

“Not until working with Lissa did I discover that I was working hard to stay in my own way. Yes, fear was masquerading as rationale planning. I was overworking myself trying to serve my employer and my dream. But I couldn’t see that. At least not until seeking Lissa’s counsel. Because of Lissa, I am now happily focusing my energy on building the life I want: making pots and building my wellness empire by helping people overcome their illnesses through integrative lifestyle changes.”
Laurie Erdman, Founder, Chronic Wellness Coaching

“I’ve worked with other coaches and have seen a lot of coaches in action. Amy is one of the best. The only reason I would tell you not to work with Amy is if for some reason, you do not want to achieve the things that are most important to you.”
Bill Giruzzi, author of A Life Worth Living
“Of all of the master teachers I’ve encountered over the years Martha’s wit, intellect and ability to see within and beyond is unmatched. In addition, Martha is incredibly generous intellectually.”
Gretchen Pisano
“Martha, You are a catalyst, a light-bringer and a dream resurrector!”
Pedro F. Baez
“Exceptional. There are no words. To connect with Amy and Lissa,  who are successful in service, compassionate, truth-tellers, who let it all hang out, all of the goodies, their mistakes, their triumphs in beautiful transparency; I was just in love!”
Anastassia Grace, Evidential Spirit Medium

“Coaching with Amy is like having the World’s Most Truthful Cheerleader on your side during the Big Game of your life. She is supportive, practical, and relentlessly optimistic.”
Samantha Bennett, Founder, The Organized Artist Company



SEPTEMBER 25th… ready to fly with us? 

Here’s exactly what this program includes:

  • Four 90 minute LIVE Teaching Calls with Martha, Lissa & Amy you can access live via phone or webcast. On these calls you’ll receive juicy instruction and interactive exercises to find your calling. 

Live classes occur each Wednesday at noon PT/3pm ET:

Session One: Wednesday September 25th

Session Two: Wednesday October 9th

Session Three: Wednesday October 30th (Halloween costumes welcome!)

Session Four: Wednesday November 13th

NOTE: Each session is recorded and you will be able to have unlimited access to recordings of all of the course sessions following the live broadcast (listen online or download the mp3 files to your iPod or audio player). 

  • Four Optional 30-minute small group interactive breakout group phone sessions

Immediately after each Teaching Class you have the opportunity to participate in a 30 minute Interactive Session, facilitated by Amy, Lissa and Martha. During these sessions you can interact by phone in small groups with other students around questions designed to deepen engagement and inquiry around the material from that week. We use the MaestroConference platform for these sessions, which enables us to break you into small private groups, just like a live workshop!

Interactive Sessions will take place immediately after the four Live Teaching calls on Wednesdays. To participate, you simply stay on or dial into the phone line. Please refer to the calendars above for the dates.

NOTE: The Interactive Sessions are live discussions, so you will need a phone or Skype in order to participate in the discussions… in order to respect our student’s privacy during these breakout groups, these interactive sessions are not recorded.

  • Three 60 minute LIVE Group Coaching Q&A calls with Martha, Lissa & Amy, so you can take your turn in the hot seat, getting personal coaching and get your burning questions answered about how to find your calling.

These LIVE sessions take place via phone and webcast on:

October 2nd at noon PT/ 3pm ET with Lissa & Amy

October 16th at noon PT/3pm ET with Lissa & Amy

November 6th at noon PT/3pm ET with Martha, Lissa & Amy

NOTE: Each session is recorded and you will be able to have unlimited access to recordings of all of the Q and A group coaching sessions following the live call. Even if you cannot attend live, our students report synchronicities and profound catharsis from listening to others receive coaching and ask questions. (listen online or download the mp3 files to your iPod or audio player). 

  • Workbook with Exercises, Worksheets & Notes for Each Call so you can deepen your learning and have a place to doodle (go creatives!) Each week you’ll have inspiring FUN homework assignments to help you further clarify your vision. Plus, with these handy, dandy worksheets you won’t have to take copious notes during class. You can just relax and receive!

  • A private Find Your Calling community website where you can blow pixie dust beneath each other’s wings, share ideas, receive support and community & go public with all you’re discoveringThis exclusive website will be the online hub for the course. You’ll be able to create a profile and let this community  know all about YOU and YOUR CALLING. Plus you’ll have the opportunity to post your questions for our Q and A sessions.

  • 4 Downloadable PDF Transcripts that capture word for word what was said on each teaching call. Download the transcripts of each course session each Friday to read along, highlight, and refer back to as you follow the course through your transformation.  The power of your learning will be integrate even more deeply as you refer back to your course sessions in print. 

  • 35 Minute Future Self Meditation recorded by Lissa Rankin (with music by Karen Drucker.) This meditation is the perfect companion in helping you to find your calling.  

OH and if that wasn’t enough, we also asked our favorite life purpose experts, luminaries and friends to give you even MORE! 

Exclusive Life Purpose Wake-Up Call Expert Interviews 

Bonus #1: Get Lit Up with Firestarter Expert, Danielle LaPorte

Ready to light your fire?

You’ll feel ignited after listening to this amazing interview with Danielle.

Danielle LaPorte is the outspoken author of the bestselling book The Fire Starter Sessions: A Soulful + Practical Guide for Creating Success on Your Own Terms. A business strategist and inspirational speaker, she’s the creator of The Spark Kit: A Digital Experience for Entrepreneurs and co-author of Your Big Beautiful Book Plan. To date, over a million readers have visited, lauded as “the best place on-line for kick-ass spirituality.”

Bonus #2: Stop Sweating the Small Stuff with Peace Expert, Kristine Carlson

Discover how to be the calm when the biggest storm of your life hits.

You’ll leave this call knowing how to tap into your strength, faith and courage no matter what.

Kristine Carlson captivated readers worldwide with her first three bestsellers, An Hour to Live, An Hour to Love: The True Story of the Best Gift Ever Given, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff in Love and Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Women. Expanding on the phenomenal success of her late husband Dr. Richard Carlson’s work, (Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff series), Kristine has continued to share her profound message of empowerment, success, emotional strength and love.

Bonus #3: Go Deep with Callings Expert, Gregg Levoy

Go on a passionate exploration to discover your authentic calling.

You’ll feel understood and  inspired after listening to this deep interview with Gregg.

Gregg Levoy is the author of Callings: Finding and Following An Authentic Life. As a full time lecturer and seminar-leader in the business, educational and human-potential arenas, Gregg has keynoted all over the globe delivering his message to help people align, or re-align, with their passion and sense of purpose.

Bonus #4: Unleash Your Creativity with Succulence Expert, SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy)

Ready to uncover the micro-movements that will unleash your purpose?

You’ll feel inspired to laugh, cry and create after this call with SARK!

SARK (aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy), is the author of 16 best-selling books, like Succulent Wild Woman and Glad No Matter What  and the creator of the poster, How to Be an Artist, that’s sold 3 Million copies all around the world! An acclaimed speaker and teacher, SARK has been a transformational role model offering inspiration and guidance to people in their process of living more powerfully and authentically, and being more actively creative on a daily basis.

Bonus #5: Feel Unstoppable with Inspiration Expert, Tama Kieves

Ready to dance and groove your way to your life purpose?

You’ll leave this call and stop trying to figure it all out, and be ready instead to let it all out! 

Tama Kieves, an honors graduate of Harvard Law School, left her law practice to write and help others live their calling. She is the bestselling author of This Time I Dance! Creating the Work You Love and Inspired and Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work!

Bonus #6: Express Your Purpose with Whole Body Intelligence Expert, Steve Sisgold

Tap into the most underutilized ally in your life purpose quest… your body.

You’ll experience whole body awareness and breathe like never before.

Steve Sisgold is the bestselling author of What’s Your Body Telling You?  As an author, speaker, trainer and executive coach, Steve has taught thousands how to use their innate body intelligence to create better health, prosperity and richer relationships.

Bonus #7: Rock Your Purpose with Positive Psychologist, Carin Rockind

You’ll leave this call inspired to apply the science of happiness so you can uncover your Life Purpose.


Carin Rockind is one of the first 250 people in the world with a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and is the foremost expert on how to apply the science of happiness to uncovering life purpose. Dubbed “PurposeGirl,” she became purpose-obsessed when her seemingly “perfect” marriage and “successful” career left her feeling empty and miserable. Knowing there had to be more to life, she began her journey to “find” true happiness. You’ll love Carin’s contagious energy and enthusiasm!.

Two Ways to Register for

Your Find Your Calling Class

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If you choose to take advantage of our three pay plan, please note, one payment will be processed today, the next payment in 30 days from today, the final 60 days from today.

If you prefer to register by phone or have registration questions, please email us your name and phone number and a good time to call and our Find Your Calling team will return your call and get you all set up. Email us at


Find Your Calling is Facilitated by: 

Martha Beck, Ph.D., is a writer and life coach who specializes in helping people design satisfying and meaningful life experiences. She holds a bachelor’s degree in East Asian Studies and master’s and Ph.D. degrees in sociology, all from Harvard University.

She worked as a research associate at Harvard Business School, studying career paths and life-course changes in today’s economic and social environment. Before becoming a life coach, Dr. Beck taught sociology, social psychology, organizational behaviour, and business management at Harvard and the American Graduate School of International Management. She has published academic books and articles on a variety of social science and business topics.

Her non-academic books include the New York Times bestsellers Expecting Adam and Leaving the Saints, as well as Finding Your Own North Star: Claiming the Life You Were Meant to LiveSteering by StarlightFinding Your Way in a Wild New World: Reclaiming Your True Nature, and her newest book, The Martha Beck Collection: Essays for Creating Your Right Life. Dr. Beck has also been a contributing editor for many popular magazines, including “Real Simple” and “Redbook”, and is currently a columnist for “O, the Oprah Magazine”.

Dr. Beck lives in California with her family.

lissamatt0717Lissa Rankin, MD is a mind-body medicine physician, founder of the Whole Health Medicine Institute training program for physicians and other health care providers, and the New York Times bestselling author of Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself.  She is on a grass roots mission to put the “care” back in health care, and to heal our broken health care system – one doctor and one patient at a time.

Discouraged by our broken health care system and curious why some patients do everything “right” but still wind up sick, Lissa set out to discover why some patients experience miraculous cures from seemingly incurable illnesses, while others remain sick even when they receive the best medical care. She researched what really makes people healthy and what predisposes them to illness – not just diet, exercise and standard healthy behaviors, but everything else. What she uncovered in the mainstream medical literature led her to develop a type of medical practice she terms “Whole Health Medicine,” based on the scientifically-proven healthy behaviors she shares in Mind Over Medicine. She is now leading a health care revolution to empower patients to heal themselves, while encouraging the health care industry to embrace and facilitate, rather than resist, such medical “miracles.”

Lissa blogs at and also created two online communities – and She is also the author of two other books. Lissa’s work will be the focus of an upcoming public television special that will appear on PBS, she has delivered two popular TEDx talks, and she is on the speaking circuit with Hay House’s “I Can Do It” conferences. Lissa’s work has also been featured on over 30 television shows, over 50 radio shows, and in publications such as O Magazine, the New York Times, Health, Women’s Health, Forbes, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Fox News, Huffington Post, People, Woman’s Day, WebMD, and CNN.

Lissa is also a professional artist, an amateur ski bum, and an avid hiker, and she lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her husband and daughter.

AimsLoveAmy Ahlers, the Wake-Up Call Coach and bestselling author, is on a mission to wake up the sacred in your everyday life. Since 2000, she has been an International Certified Success Coach, the CEO of Wake-Up Call Coaching and co-founder of Inner Mean Girl Reform School with Christine Arylo, Visionary Ignition Switch with Lissa Rankin and Find Your Calling with Lissa Rankin and Martha Beck.

Amy has been a featured expert on lots of TV & radio shows, and for media outlets like The Washington Post and The Huffington Post. She loves lighting up the stage at events where she wakes people up to the voice of their Inner Wisdom and helps them cultivate the courage to act on it.   Her first book, Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves: Ditch your Inner Critic and Wake Up Your Inner Superstar  (New World Library, 2011), shot up to #1 in several categories on Amazon, including Self-Help, Happiness and Self-Esteem. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter,  inspiring women to STOP being so hard on themselves.

A 2010 recipient of the Women Who Dare Award from Girls Inc., she holds a BA from the University of California, earned the CPCC designation from The Coaches Training Institute and is a Master Coach Equivalent. Amy is known best for her unconditional love, relentless enthusiasm, and kick ass truth telling. When not working, you’ll find Amy in the San Francisco Bay Area holding hands with her husband, Rob, as they run after their firecracker of a daughter, Annabella.

We know this will make a difference… that’s why we are guaranteeing it!

Here’s the scoop… we designed this course from our hearts to yours. We know that if you show up fully and participate that you will feel the juice and unfolding of your calling. On the off chance that by the 2nd teaching class of the course (October 9th at midnight PT), you’re NOT feeling the love and inspiration AND you’ve been doing your part by attending or downloading each call, simply email our support team at and we’ll issue you a refund.

Fair enough?

Commonly Asked Questions

Can I really find my calling in just 7 weeks?

Maybe… maybe not. We’re not saying that you’ll uncover your life’s purpose in 7 weeks. We ARE saying that you’ll begin to get closer to your soul’s work, get on the path to your calling and unearth your dreams and desires. So much occurs when you come together in community with like-minded souls with a clear intention. Magic and miracles abound.

It’s time to take the dust off your dreams… and if you don’t feel you have any dreams, it’s time to stop numbing yourself out and start firing up your desire.

We can’t wait to show you how and lead you through a 7 week exploration and adventure that will unleash your passion and potential.

How does this course differ from other life purpose courses out there?

The biggest difference is us – your three teachers. If you resonate with Martha Beck, Lissa Rankin and/or Amy Ahlers, then this is the course for you. We strongly believe that so much of what is out there about life purpose work overlaps time and time again. The difference is the teacher that you’re learning from. When the student is ready, the right teacher appears with the right message.

So if you’re jiving with us – our authenticity, wildness, passion and JOY – then welcome aboard!

How do I participate in a tele-class or webcast? Does the course require any special equipment?

All that you need is an open heart and mind, a telephone and a computer, and you’re all set. You can dial in or log on to the live webcast each week to participate on the calls live, or simply download or listen online to the call recordings on our easy to use community website. That’s all you need!

What if I don’t have an IPod or other portable audio device?

The call recordings come in multiple formats so you can use whichever works for you. The electronic version allows you to download everything or listen directly from the internet on your computer, no matter where you are in the world. You can download MP3s of the sessions, meditations and bonus interviews, PDFs of the notes, and special kits.

How will I connect with the other people in the course?

Through the interactive live calls and on our private members-only community website. You’ll be able to see the shining faces and hear the voices of the your fellow adventurers who are joining you on this spectacular journey.

What if I can’t make the live calls?

You will receive all call recordings that you can download into your MP3 player or listen to on your computer. We’ve found that only about 30% of live course participants make ALL the live calls and still report fantastic results.

Will you offer this again?

We are 99% sure we will not do another live course again because all of our schedules are incredibly busy (you should have seen the mountains we had to climb to sync all three of our schedules to make this one happen!) We likely will offer a homestudy version of the program, but you will not have access to LIVE Q&A calls, the interactive forum and the other group members. We’ve found that participating in a live course, even if you can’t make all the live calls, is the best option because you’ll feel the energy of this inspired and inspiring group!

How do I know if this course is for me?

One of the most important allies any of us has is our Inner Wisdom, our intuition, our Inner Pilot Light, our gut instinct. So take a moment now and feel into the course… if you feel a YES or even a MAYBE we highly recommend getting off the fence and joining us. Remember it is 100% risk free with our money back guarantee. The surefire way to NOT find your calling is doing the same things you’ve always done and expecting different results. Inner Critics LOVE to get you stuck in indecision. And we want you to feel passionate and on purpose in your life… you deserve it! 

We are SO proud of you for stepping up to the plate and saying YES to discovering your soul’s work. 

It takes great courage to say “My Dreams Matter” and “I am here for a purpose.” 

We are honored to have you join us. 

With great love and admiration,






P.S. We have so many miracle stories to share with you about how life opens up when you answer your calling. And we promise we will share with you from our hearts and deepest truths in this course.

Are you ready to Awaken Your Life Purpose, Clarify Your Vision, & Do Your Soul’s Work? Then please join us! 

Two Ways to Register for

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Three Payments of only $115

If you choose to take advantage of our three pay plan, please note, one payment will be processed today, the next payment in 30 days from today, the final 60 days from today.

If you prefer to register by phone or have registration questions, please email us your name and phone number and a good time to call and our Find Your Calling team will return your call and get you all set up. Email us at